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Je Suis Charlie


This past Sunday, 1.5 Parisians (including me as an honorary one) made history when we openly took a stand against the unspeakable violence that took place in the city last Wednesday. Extremists attempted to punish men for exercising their right to freedom of speech, and for that, over 2.5 million people in France roared back, proving that injustices will not allow people to be silenced. Words cannot even describe what it felt like to be in this crowd Sunday. The city was alive: people pouring into the streets, waving flags, hanging off the sides of buildings, yelling down balconies and starting chants in the streets. The Paris infrastructure was completely behind it’s people that day. Policemen made sure marchers stayed safe, and not a single soul in the city had to pay for their metro ride that day. That’s right: all public transportation was free on Sunday, to better allow to to reach the city’s center. Never forget this violent act, and always remember: Je suis Charlie, Nous sommes Charlie. 



{Cars not allowed in the streets, every billboard replaced with one uniting message}




{“Loose your iPhone zombie”}

{Beautiful sunset over bustling streets}

January 11th, 2015. 

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