How To Pack Less When You Travel

Learning how to pack less has been a process that has taken me about two years to properly get a grasp of. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how many times I have cursed my over-sized suitcases, from dragging a 20 Kilo weekender across Amsterdam to lugging two 50 pound suitcases up 7 flights of stairs in Paris. However, after I recently completed a week-long trip (traveling across Germany and the Netherlands) with only a small carry-on, I felt that I was finally *ready* to share this post with all of you. So, voila, 5 tips on how to pack less when you travel.

  1. Wear the bulkiest things you’re bringing. I’m sure the people at Munich Central Station thought that I was insane when I rolled up wearing a winter coat and Doc Martens on a warm and sunny day, but I knew how cold it was up further north in Germany. Doing this saves so much space in your suitcase. One coat = 3 Tshirts and a pair of jeans, Boots = two pairs of sneakers!
  2. Stick with the basics and move up from there. While I love my printed trousers and floral blouses, I tend to stick with solid colored basics while packing the foundation of my clothes. From there, I’ll add a printed cardigan or a graphic tee. Just makes sure everything can be combined, otherwise it’s a waste of space.
  3. Pack small toiletries or buy them there. This might seem like an obvious one, but I used to pack a lot of full-sized products, which in the end took up more space than I thought it would. I’ve bought mini travel sizes of all of my favorites, and swap out bottles of makeup remover for wipes when I travel. Also, I often stay with friends while traveling, so I’ll ask them in advance if I can just use things such as toothpaste at theirs.
  4. Shoes are the biggest space killer. This still pains me to-date, but I force myself to never pack more than 2-3 pairs of shoes. In the summer this might be more as sandals and sneakers take up less space, but when it comes to heavier things such as boots or heels, you really won’t need more than two. Trust me. 
  5. Remind yourself that the place you are going also has clothes. I always think, if you forget it you can buy it there, plus, leaving space to shop is always fun!! Because I packed so little for my vacation to the Netherlands, I was able to bring home all of my new cute home decor. :)

I hope you guys found this post helpful! Yes, I know it’s not easy to leave so many things you love at home. But trust me, the less you pack the happier (and more creative) you’ll be with what you have.

Do you have any tips to share on how you pack less? Share them in the comments below! Much love, Julia

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