Homemade Acai Bowl


Hello my lovely readers! Today I come to you with a recipe that has become my new staple breakfast: the Acai bowl! After trying my first one a few weeks ago at Ventura Beach, I’ve become hooked. However, seeing that constant eating out is not possible with my bank account, I had to find a way to make it at home. And so I did; continue reading to see exactly how!


I begin with the Sambazon acai smoothie pack (found at whole foods). I put the frozen puree into my blender, and begin by just blending it up with about a cup of coconut water. It’s easier to get this near block of ice chopped up first, that way your blender will have an easier time dealing with the fruits later on.


Following, I pour about a cup worth of frozen berries into the liquid mixture. I usually use frozen raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries (all from Whole Foods as well). If your blender isn’t state of the art, I recommend pouring in the berries a little at a time, as to not “overwhelm” your blender.


And you can’t forget toppings! Because the ingredients going into the actual icy fruit part of my bowl are pretty simple, I like to get creative with toppings. I always layer a chopped banana on top. Over this, I add some granola with chia seeds in it (adjusting the amount depending on how long my breakfast needs to tie me over), coconut, and honey.


Viola! An extremely easy to make, yet delicious, healthy, and filling breakfast. If this bowl isn’t quite for you, don’t worry! It is after all my own creation, tailored to what I want to get out of my breakfast. You can find more acai bowl recipes here.

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  • MMMM that looks crazy good! I wish you put the recipe on so I could make it!

    • Julia

      I did put in the recipe! It’s listed under the photos :)

  • coconut water is the best and this is a fabulous recipe! i’m totally gonna try this one :)

  • Maureen V

    Oh my gosh that looks amazing, Julia! I did a raspberry pineapple smoothie recipe on my blog about a week ago. I’m obsessed with anything similar!

  • Jenny Richard

    i love your post, looking yum yum nice pictures. new post on my blog