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As I mentioned in the post I wrote about Venice, in February a good friend and I took off to Italy to celebrate the end of exams. To be honest, before booking my trip to Verona, the city had never been on my radar. However, that quickly changed; after a quick scroll through Pinterest I was hooked, and booked my ticket. It’s the backdrop to one of the most famous love stories of all time! The place of Romeo and Juliet, of wandering little side streets and amazing hilltop views. Today I am so excited to share the images I shot with you guys, along with some recommendations should you ever find yourself in magical Verona.

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» Sleep «

As you all must know by now, I’m a huge fan of staying in AirBnB apartments, and that’s precisely what we did on this trip as well. I was blown away by how inexpensive prices were for entire apartments! We stayed in a lovely place right near Piazza delle Erbe and spent about 60 each for 3 nights. In Verona absolutely everything is accessible by foot, but I loved the freedom we got through renting an apartment directly in the city center.

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» Eat «

  • Caffe ai Lamberti – Seeing that this restaurant was about a 5 minute walk from our apartment, we shamelessly got pizza for breakfast here (when in Italy, right?) on our last morning. Located directly in Piazza delle ErbeOrder: 7 cheese pizza
  • Amorino – Hands down the best gelato. Once again located in Piazza delle Erbe. Order: Lime-basil gelato
  • Osteria Monte Baldo – Hands down my favorite meal in Verona. It’s quite a small restaurant, and we were the only non-Italians in there. We were seated in a backroom decorated with colorful empty bottles and spent hours chatting in our little corner. Order: Aperol Spritz to begin the evening. Follow with a cheese platter (served with honey!) and their sliced beef fillet. Yum x100. 
  • Il Giardino – Lovely bar that was recommended to us by a girl who had studied abroad (from Germany) in Verona. We loved it. It’s a popular hangout for the under-25 crowd. A huge drink menu and very reasonable prices. Order: Hugo or a classic Aperol Spritz. 
  • Caffe Scapin – This charming market/cafe was literally 10 feet from our apartment, it was our spot of choice for breakfast. Also the market next to the cafe sells a wide variety of Italian goods; I bought some olive oil, black salt, pesto, espresso and of course a bottle of Aperol Spritz. Order: any of their fresh sandwiches, made with delicious Italian ham. Espressos were also a must each morning. 
  • San Matteo Pizza – Recommended to us by a local. We were told it’s the best pizza in the city, so we spent ages looking for it. Little did we know, it’s literally built into a church! Recognize the entrance by the neon pink sign above the door. Filled with locals on their lunch break. :) Order: any of their pizzas, you really can’t go wrong. 




» See «

My biggest piece of advice for Verona is walk walk walk! We trekked through the entire city in a day, wandering up and down little side streets, popping into shops and visiting the more popular tourist destinations as well. I’d recommend checking out:

  • Piazzale Castel San Pietro – My favorite Verona moment! After grabbing breakfast on our first day, by travel buddy and I hiked up this hill. The view at the top was breathtaking, you could see the entire city laid out in front of you. <3 The two vertical photos right above were taken on our way up and once we reached the summit. You can’t miss this!
  • Piazza delle Erbe – Beautiful square in the center of the city. Little markets pop up during the week days. Also, there’s tons of cute boutiques all the way around.
  • Juliet’s balcony – Packed with tourists, but hey, it’s the most famous love story! There’s also a wall where visitors leave their “letters to Juliet.”
  • Piazza Bra – The city center. This is where the old arena and amphitheater are located.
  • Basilica San Zeno – A gorgeous old church. Just go inside and gaze up at the incredibly high ceilings.
  • Castelvecchio Bridge – Offers you a perfect gaze onto the Adige River, the body of water that divides the city.



Thank you so much for reading! The last pieces of advice I would offer are: walk walk walk (I can’t stress this enough) and visit the city in a down-season! At moments it felt like we had the city to ourselves, and that was simply wonderful.

Have any of you ever visited Verona? Much love, Julia

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