Getting Around In Amsterdam

Last fall when I visited Amsterdam, I was a bit intimidated. Such an amazing city, but only a limited amount of time to discover and explore! Today I’m going to tell you guys exactly how easy getting around in Amsterdam can be, and based on the photos above, I’m sure you can guess that bikes are involved :)

  • Tram system. This are a quick and inexpensive way to get around. Be sure to ask for a transport map at your hotel, or see if you can pick one up at the airport/train station. Perfect if there’s ever a downpour (not a rarity in Amsterdam).
  • Bikes!! My travel buddy and I rented bikes for our last two days, and I honestly wish we had done it sooner. Not only are prices quite low (we rented from Mac Bikes) but the city is Seriously. Even riding home during rush hour, I felt safe. You can ride from one end of the city to another in about 35-45 minutes depending on what pace you’re going at, and if you get lost along the way (true story). Also, Vondelpark is so much fun by bike! Cycling really allows you to really experience the whole city intimately.
  • By foot. I recommend hoping off your bike once you hit the neighborhood Joordan. There are so many small side streets (filled with boutiques and little galleries) that you don’t just want to ride by. In general, take the time to wander smaller areas by foot. It really is the best way to take photos and hop in and out of shops.
  • By boat. There are wharfs outside of Amsterdam (such as the NDSM Werf I wrote about here) that you can only access by (a free) ferry. However, take your bike with you! The wharfs tend to be pretty big, and you’ll most definitely be able to cover the most ground by bike.

Have you been to Amsterdam before? If yes, how did you get around? Sound off in the comments below!


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  • Ayisha Ogbara

    Totally agree with you! But everything about Amsterdam is amazing, I would love to live there for a while!

    • Julia

      Thanks for reading! 100% agree, I’m making it a life goal to live in Amsterdam for at least a year! 😀

  • Diana Cloudlet

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