Galerie de Paléontologie


Hello my readers! Today’s post is a real quick one, I just wanted to show you this incredible museum find in Paris: Galerie de paléontologie et d’anatomie comparée. I paid a visit to it after class earlier this week (after some yummy sweet tea at the Mosque across the street), and it really is a sight to see. This museum is all about animal skeletons, ranging from modern day ones (a whale) to ones that go a little further back (dinosaurs!). While not for the light of heart, this one hour trip (housed in the middle of the stunning Jardin des Plantes) was quite a spectacular experience. The up-keeping is impeccable, and the building floods with light. Click through to see some more photos, and I really do hope you pay a visit if you ever find yourself in Paris! And P.S.: EU citizens under 26 get in for free. Score!

{The skeleton army that greets you when you walk in}

{Everything is labeled, both a blessing and a curse}


{Wonderful murals on the top floor}

{Monkey business}

{It appears as if the animals are really walking towards you!}

Is this something that you think you would enjoy? Let me know in the comments! I know these sorts of places aren’t for everyone 😉


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  • Hi Julia! We never really spoke much during high school, but I’ve just stumbled across your blog and wanted to tell you how much I admire your writing and photography. Hope you’re having a wonderful winter!

    • Julia

      Hey Leesa! Thank you so much for your kind comment, and taking the time to read!! This comment has honestly made my night, and also made me more motivated to post something again (going live in hopefully the next half hour!). Hope you are having a wonderful time at college :) And I have followed your tumblr, we actually have super similar tastes (I’m Ginger & Rosa obsessed)

      Julia :)

  • Debora H

    I love these pictures ! this gallery is so nice , I’ve been there like 3 times but still want to go back !



    • Julia

      It’s spectacular, isn’t it? 😀

  • jolies photos!
    Coline ♥

    • Julia

      Merci beaucoup! :*

  • Cool gallery. I’ve never been somewhere like that.

    • Julia

      It’s really unlike anything else!

  • love it!



    • Julia

      Thank you!

  • rae

    This museum looks very enchanting. Next time I am in Paris I will be sure to check it out!

    rae of love from berlin

    • Julia

      Yes, it’s a must see!

  • Sandra Palomares

    So interesting!

    • Julia

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)