French Impressions: The First 24 Hours


Hello my lovely readers! I’m sorry to have been mute on here for quite a bit, the past three weeks have just been so full of so many exciting life changes. I’m back from Spain, and can’t wait to share so many photos (along with some last Germany photos!). My two weeks in Spain were life changing, and I can truly say that I had the best summer of my life. Back to the present though, I am now writing this post to you from my new bedroom in Paris, France! I am so excited to be here, and have loved my first 24 hours in this beautiful city (literally, everything is pretty). My Au Pair children are slightly crazy, but every bit lovable, and I could not have been luckier with the family I was placed in. :) To bridge the gap before my photo posts start again (78 pictures edited, 29 to go), I thought I’d share a bunch of first impressions I have had about France, French people, Parisian culture, and everything in between. Enjoy!

  • You have not lived until you have tried legitimate, French baguette
  • Two toddlers, grocery bags, cobblestone streets and high heels? No problem!
  • Even the “ugly” areas of town look prettier than the Los Angeles I grew up in
  • French toddlers are chicer than you
  • People will spot your foreign, tall blonde self from kilometers away
  • Even your whispers are louder than what the average French woman speaks
  • 3 years of French in school will ultimately mean nothing
  • Did I mention the cooking?

Being an Au Pair is going to be tough, but I think I’m completely up for the challenge. The hardest part right now is basically building a whole new life for myself, but at the same time learning how the life of this family works. I’m going to be honest, it’s a bit overwhelming having a huge, beautiful city to discover (so much I want to do, so many places I want to see!!), making new friends, adapting to the boys and the family, working almost full time for the first time in my life, learning French, and generally now having this new freedom. I can’t even begin to tell you how many mistakes I made today, but, at the same time, I learned so much today alone. It’s going to be a life changing year, I can feel it already!



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