Best Drugstore Makeup (Ever!)


I have to be honest here: a large part of my makeup collection consists of tried and true high end products. When I spend a lot of money on things, I tend to research them before, and am almost never disappointed by my purchase. With drugstore makeup though, it’s another story. How often have you found yourself standing in the makeup section at Target, and just grabbing something because the new advertisement seemed cool? And then coming home to realize that this product was not everything the pretty pictures made it seem like? Sadly this has happened to me one too many times. No fear though, that’s why I’m creating this guide for you today! I want to tell you about the drugstore products that I own and swear by, in other words, the best drugstore makeup (ever!). They aren’t good “for a drugstore product”; these finds are plain good, absolutely incredible. Keep on reading for more!


The run-through: From tools to lipsticks to eyeliner, a complete look can be created with these products. It has taken me about two years to build up this holy grail drugstore makeup collection, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. In my mind, it is without a doubt the best drugstore makeup that you can find.


#1: L’oreal True Match Super Blendable Power (C2)

This powder does it all! It covers up redness, doesn’t irritate my extremely sensitive skin, and keeps the shine away all day. On mornings that I’m feeling lazy, I just dust this over my face and am ready to go. It offers great coverage, and lasts forever. Extra perk: sponge and mirror are built into the package, so it’s super travel friendly!

#2: Maybelline CoverStick (Ivory)

This is probably the cheapest makeup product I own, but I keep on buying it over and over again. All it is is a simple concealer, and Maybelline’s cheapest one at that. I use it to prime my problem areas for the powder that goes over it. Using this beforehand keeps the powder in place all day. Perfect for being constantly on the go as an Au Pair.

#3: Astor Big & Beautiful Boom! Mascara (Ultra Black)

I picked this up in Germany this summer after seeing what it did to a friend’s lashes. This mascara creates incredible length and volume (and looks best/works better if you use a lighter hand!). It stays put all day, no smudging here. I will be getting about two tubes of this to “back up” the one that I have when I arrive in Germany tomorrow. The best mascara I have ever used (and I’ve tried a lot, from drugstore to high end).


#4: Tweezerman Tweezers

This is the only pair of tweezers I’ll need for the rest of my life. I was hooked after stealing some that my mom had a few years back, and was extremely excited to receive them as a birthday gift a few weeks later. You can pick this up at a variety of places (from Target to Sephora), and they are quite a steal.

#5: Canmake Cheek and Cheek Duo (05)

I picked this baby up for the equivalent of $6 in Tokyo last summer, after having heard a handful of beauty gurus rave about it. And let me tell you, the hype is real! This little blush stays put all day, and creates a beautiful peachy/rose glow when applied to the cheeks. And it’s great for sensitive skin!

#6: Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner (Black)

If I had to live with only one more eyeliner for the rest of my life (from both my drugstore and high end collection), I would chose this one. With a very precise yet flexible felt tip, this liner makes it easy to draw simple, subtle, and clean lines right at the lashes. It’s also smudge-proof (a wonder on my eyes) and stays black all day. I’m completely in love, and have not bought a new black eyeliner in over a year.


#7: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (001, Transparent)

Now, I’m almost sure that you have already heard of this miracle powder. Dust a fine layer of it over your face, and you will be shine free until the next morning (no joke). When it comes to the best drugstore makeup, this one is at the top of the list. It truly goes on transparent, and is great for sensitive skin as well. Just look how much love I have given it! Also great for touchups before going out at night.

#8: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (Clear)

This makeup has been around for ages (in the beauty industry and in my collection), and it’s no surprise. Actually thought of and marketed as a clear mascara, I love to use it to keep my brows in place after filling them in. They just give my brows such a clear defined shape (that stays all day). With this product, your brow game will be on point every day, promise!


#9: Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick (Lust For Blush)

When it comes to lip color, I’m extremely picky. I don’t like the way a lot of lipsticks sit on the lips, and because I have a nearly non-existent upper lip, nudes are especially tricky. I found a solution in this Color Whisper lipstick. This is the perfect nude for me: it adds a little bit of wanted color, yeah doesn’t make me look washed out (or lip-less!). I love the way it applies as well. It stays put, and is very moisturizing on the lips. Love this one for on the go, because it can easily be applied without a mirror!

#10: Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color (135, Make Me Pink)

This lipstick not only has a spectacular formula, but it has to be my all-time favorite color as well. Such a pretty shade of purple/pink! When I first saw this at Target several years ago, I thought it looked way too violet toned. However, I’m so glad I took the leap and bought it, because this lipstick has become my go-to color. The formula is incredible as well. It goes on slightly matte with just a hint of shine, and stays put through several drinks. Highly recommended!


And that’s it, the products in my mind that are simply the best. Thank you so much for reading! Now please tell me: what are you holy-grail, best drugstore makeup products? I am always looking for something new, and would love to hear what my readers love. Please comment below!

Bisous (writing this from Paris, but currently in Germany),


P.S. Would you like to see a post in the future about high-end products that I think are truly worth it?

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  • I’m liking the lip product combo you are using, but you really should look up your products on skindeeps environmental site to see how much toxic are in the products you use :)

    • Julia

      Thanks for reading, and thanks for the headsup! 😀