Au Pair Diary: The First Week!,


Hello my lovely readers! I absolutely can’t believe this, but as of tomorrow I have been in Paris for a week. A week!! The time has just flown by. The past days have been a blur. Honestly, it is so stressful coming to a new place and starting a new life. There’s the children to look after, getting used to the family, discovering the city, making friends, learning the language, and much more. Tonight is the first time I’ve been in bed before 11 in weeks! But I love it all, life is so exciting and I can’t get enough of it.

Within one week, I have fallen completely in love with Paris. There’s something magical about this city! I love wandering through the streets, and discovering new boutiques and cafes around every corner. I adore watching the people sitting in the metro, and seeing men walking home, baguettes in hand. I can’t stop staring at the incredible fashion in this city, both the men’s and women’s fashion is inspiring. Let the shopping begin! But generally, I’ve just been so inspired by life in general. I want to explore the city to no end, and can’t put my camera down. I want to live!!

Something that has really shocked me so far about this week is how I’ve already started to feel about the big tourist sites. While it was incredible to see the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower (photos coming soon!), I think I much rather prefer discovering boutiques and bookstores in the little side streets. I want to enjoy a hot chocolate in a cafe, rather than feeling like I have to hurry through all the sites that the city has to offer. That being said though, I am also completely overwhelmed by exactly how much there is to see. I just keep repeating to myself: “you have a year!”. Maybe more, who knows :)

Also, I have loved the process of making friends, and getting to know my family. My family (let’s call them Famille X) is wonderful, I could not have asked to stay with better, kinder people. With them I’m really a part of the family. I know a couple of other Au Pairs that are “the household help”, and I don’t think I would have personally liked an experience like that. Here, I truly feel at home, and I eat every meal with them (unless I’m out of course!). We talk about our days, and I really feel like they’re there for me! It’s also been very exciting meeting the other Au Pairs, I already know that some great friendships are going to come out of this year.

And French…the bane of my existence. Je parle un petit peu français, mais je ne parle pas trés bien. Merde! Hopefully it will come with time, I think it’s so embarrassing to speak English with the Parisians I meet. They shouldn’t have to speak English in their own city! Oh well, time and studying is the only key.

The Au Pair work itself is hard, but rewarding. While doing it, I really feel like I’m gathering work experience, and I genuinely like the kids I look after. Also, when else in my life will I get paid to live in Paris? I think the trade-off is pretty fair.

And one book recommendation: Almost Frenchby Sarah Turnbull. I’ve only been here for a week, and I can already relate to how this Australian turned Parisian woman sees the French. A must read for anybody who will be visiting the city or living here!

That’s it for this segment of the Au Pair Diaries! Photos from Germany/Spain/France will start going up in the next few days. If you want immediate pictures though, follow me on Instagram!


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