8 Travel Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now

Since officially taking my blog in the direction of travel, I have become so inspired by the blooming and supportive travel blog community. Today I wanted to share with you all the eight travel blogs that inspire me most. From cult status to lesser known, fashion angles to culinary highlights, these blogs will inspire you to get up, get out, and go see the world. So without further ado, 8 travel blogs you need to follow, now.

  1. WorldOfWanderlust – Written by Australian Brooke Saward, informational and witty posts about how to pack, food in Berlin, and traveling solo will keep you coming back for more.
  2. TheOverseasEscape – Three words: best travel photography (just look at her Portugal post). Check out Margo’s blog if you want to find out about off-the-beaten-path experiences all around Europe. You’ll buy a plane ticket as soon as you see her incredible photos.
  3. TheTouristOfLife – The reason I love Yvonne’s blog so much is that she writes about Europe through the eyes of a young person just beginning to explore the world (like me). Her travel posts always include sites that draw me in, and her attitude towards seeing the world is exactly like my own.
  4. HandLuggageOnly – Lloyd and Yaya run a blog that takes readers all over the world, from more popular to lesser known (I want to go so badly) destinations. Posts are detailed and informational, and the photography is always on point.
  5. TuulaVintage – Now I’m sure many of you have read Jessica’s beautiful fashion and travel blog, seeing that she’s one of the world’s most followed bloggers. However, there’s good reason behind that. Not only do I love her beautifully styled shoots all around the world, but she also writes great guides about the places she visits. And, once again, photography on point.
  6. AshleyAbroad – I first stumbled upon Ashley’s blog while looking around the internet for blogs written by Au Pairs. Not only did she write lots about her time as an Au Pair in Paris, but she also runs a website solely dedicated to informing any future Au Pairs. A great tool for future Au Pairs!
  7. LivingInAnotherLanguage – This blog follows the lives of expats Amanda and Derek as they make their way around the world. Currently based in New Zealand, this couple posts excellent photography guides and interesting musings about their expat life.
  8.  GaryPepperGirl – While I am aware that Nicole Warne’s cult status blog is mainly written about fashion, her occasional travel guides (such as this one) are not to be missed (along with her always high quality photography). Accompanied by beautiful pictures, they are insightful, informational, and will inspire you to get up and go.

So there you have it! I really hope I have showed you some new blogs to follow. Please please please, if you have any travel blogs to recommend (or are one yourself) leave a comment below. I love this community, and want to get to know as many bloggers as possible. :)


P.S. I’ve been without a working camera (yay broken batteries) for the past two weeks, so I’m sorry for the lack of Paris updates! However, my batteries came in today, and tomorrow I already have something planned for you all. :)

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  • keelyashton

    Love these pages! Thank you so much for this post! i love following travel blogs!! I love your blog too! can’t wait to read more!!
    Keely |

  • Happy to say that I follow all of these blogs and I agree they are so wonderful and inspirational! Great post!

  • Very glad to hear you’ve been finding the travel blogging community so supportive! Love hearing people saying that. :) If you’re ever in Melbourne let me know. It would be great to grab a coffee and chat travel.

    Looks like you are a big fan of Bloglovin? :) May I also throw a few more names in for your consideration, since a couple of these are fashion bloggers who have an element of travel?

    – Aussie bloggers Mr & Mrs Romance are a travel, lifestyle couple (Mrs Romance is also the creator of Hair Romance and Nail Romance – busy woman!).
    – C’est Christine is now based in New York City and shares her daily life and world travels. She also has one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts.
    – yTravel Blog is more family travel orientated, but they do have some amazing stories from their year travelling around Australia.
    – Lines of Escape is written by a South African girl who now lives in London. Plenty of food, culture and gorgeous pictures of her new London life (including a visit to a cereal cafe? :/ )
    – This Girl Loves ( is a newie on my radar, but it’s another British Girl who combines her love of style and travel into a visually stunning travel blog. She’s currently in Japan and I want to hop in her suitcase so badly!

    I have so many other suggestions, but these are the first five that sprung to mind, and ones I always turn to when I am looking to be inspired by the world.

    Have a lovely week! :)

    • Julia

      Wow so many amazing recs, thank you so so much 😀 Have fallen in love with: C’est Christine and This Girl Loves. You’re right, amazing photos and awesome posts :)

      Thanks so much again for the recs and thanks for reading :)

  • It’s great to know I’m following the right blogs, I follow about three quarters… So of course I totally agree that these are great blogs!

  • Georgia

    Love these bogs, thanks :)

    • Julia

      Of course, hope I gave you some travel inspiration :) And thanks for reading! :)

  • Julia

    Wow thanks for the awesome recs! I’ll be checking them out.

    Yeah I have to partially agree about Tuula and GPG, however, when they do publish the occasional travel post they are always super insightful, and the photos are stunning!

    Thanks for reading and following along :) Julia

  • Julia

    Thank you and thanks for reading! :)

  • Elise Angelopulos

    I’m always on the lookout for following and supporting other travel bloggers. As someone who just started this thing a little under a year ago, it’s always fun to learn and meet other people through their blog. Love these links, thanks!


    • Julia

      Thanks for reading! Love your blog as well and have given it a follow on Bloglovin’. I agree, you can meet so many amazing people through this travel blogging community 😀

  • emi

    this is the best roundup! thanks for sharing!


  • Helena

    Great picks! Really want to check all of these blogs out now – including yours. New reader here <3 thank you for sharing!

    • Julia

      Hey Helena! Thanks for the wonderful comment :) Glad to have you on board!!

      xx Julia

  • Oh my goodness – I honestly blushed, thanks so much for the incredibly kind words about my pics and for including me! Made my day! 😀

    • Julia

      Of course, your blog is amazing!! 110% deserved :)

  • Geena

    As if I didn’t have the travel bug enough already! I’ve heard loads about GaryPepperGirl but i’ll definitely be checking out the others.

    • Julia

      Yes please do, I promise you they are all amazing 😀

  • WorldOfWanderlust is a personal favorite as well. She has such great posts & everything is a learning experience.

    :] // ▲ ▲

    • Julia

      Yeah she’s great! The most informative travel posts, always! :)

      Thanks for reading! xx Julia

  • Thanks for including me sweetie! Gotta say.. our list of favorites is pretty much the same!

    • Julia

      Of course, you write an amazing blog! :) Yeee great minds think alike 😀