5 Things I Only Buy In Germany

Hello lovelies! I hope everybody has had a great weekend and that Monday isn’t too tough. In today’s post, I wanted to talk about shopping in Germany. Seeing I’ve visited Germany yearly since birth and now live/study there, over the years I’ve cultivated a list of things that I will only buy there. Today I wanted to share some of these things with you, items you should definitely look into if you ever find yourself in this wonderful country. Enjoy!

  1. Birkenstocks – Who would have thought that these German house shoes would take over the fashion world? Birkenstocks are indeed a German brand. They’re even manufactured in Germany, so as you could imagine, they’re much cheaper in-country. I almost passed out when I found out that friends had been spending upwards of $100 on the shoes in the USA — in Germany they go for about 45-60 Euros! So if you have had your eyes on a pair, be sure to swoop if you are ever in the country. Or, ask a nice friend to bring you some. :)
  2. Haribo – I’m assuming most of you guys have heard of this brand: they make everybody’s favorite gummy bears. :) Not only is the variety in Germany about 10x that found anywhere else, but it’s also the cheapest in this country. Plus, I’m 100% convinced that Haribo just tastes better when bought in Germany; your bags of candy haven’t been transported from country to country. Personal favorite: Crocodiles
  3. Leather – I don’t know why, but leather goods, everything from shoes to handbags to wallets, are much less expensive in Germany than in the United States. You can get gorgeous all leather totes for under 100 Euros, from new and hidden brands you might of never heard of. Some wonderful brands are Liebeskind Berlin  and Paul Green.
  4. Body Washes & Skincare – One of the top drugstore chains in Germany is called DM, and it’s absolute heaven. Lining its shelves is some of the best skincare and soap in the world, I can spend hours in there. For example did you know that Nivea is German, and has more products on the shelves in Germany than in the US? Another great brand is Kneipp, their Watermelon-Mint shower gel is what I live for. Lastly, Weleda is from our Swiss neighbors, but another luxury brand you can get for a lot less money.
  5. Ritter Sport – What I said about Haribo also rings true for this chocolate brand. 15x the variety, 1/3 of the price. Plus, for the really big chocolate lovers, there’s a flagship store in Berlin where you can design your own bar of chocolate. Personal favorite: Corn Tortilla Chips

Are any of you guys German or have been to Germany? I would love to hear your personal thoughts and recommendations down below. Thank you so much for reading! xx Julia :)

P.S. Photo is not mine, found here!

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  • not to mention all the cheap DM, Rossmann beauty stores! so much cheaper than buying beauty stuff at Monoprix or so!

    ❥ Vicky | The Golden BunInstagram TGB

    • I totally agree! I remember being really surprised at how expensive everything at Monoprix was!

  • Definitely true about the Haribo! My husband and I just came back from an 8-day trip to Gemrnay and came home with three large Haribo gummy bears, they taste so much better than what we find in the UK.

    • Yes, so glad I’m not the only one that tastes a difference!!