30 Signs You’re Becoming A Parisian


30 Signs You’re Becoming A Parisian

  1. No red light has ever stopped you from crossing a street.
  2. Coffee, any time of day.
  3. You only live five flights up??
  4. You’ve developed the skills for spotting fellow foreigners living in the city as well. That girl just gave me a smile in the train? No way she’s French!
  5. Tourists have started asking you for directions.
  6. You know where the cheapest of everything is in the city, and no distance will stop you from going there to get it.
  7. You crave yoghurt and cheese after every meal, no matter how full you are.
  8. And there’s always room for baguette.
  9. And more wine!
  10. You’ve learned that a good pair of sneakers can be just as stylish as heels.
  11. Come to think of it, you can depict tourists by how high the heels are that they’re tottering on.
  12. And by how big their hat is.
  13. And how red the lips, furry the jacket, and how short the skirt/dress they’re wearing is.
  14. Speaking of tourists, you avoid Georges V through Champs Elysees Clemenceau on the Ligne 1, always.
  15. You’ve accepted the fact that being broke is just a part of living in this beautiful city.
  16. You’ve mastered the metro face.
  17. Excusez-moi is a polite way of saying “Get out of my f#*%ing way before I mow you down”
  18. No pedestrian lights? Just step into the middle of the street, they’ll stop.
  19. You have three different metro playlists.
  20. The same combination of casual shirt/sweater, black pants, and some sort of weather appropriate shoe is worn every day. But don’t you dare wear rain-boots!
  21. Come to speak of it, you realize that sometimes, maybe even most times, less is always more.
  22. Mini Eiffel Tower salesmen don’t even dare approach you anymore.
  23. Your walking speed is faster than the rate of an average jogger.
  24. Meals have become events for you. Food is something to be made well and enjoyed. Even better, eating with friends!
  25. Sunshine is a wonderful extraordinary event, and you enjoy every last warm ray of it. Oh, and a picnic will occur.
  26. You’ve memorized the bars in the city where beers costs less than 5 Euros a pint.
  27. The thought of speaking French doesn’t completely terrify you anymore.
  28. When watching movies or TV shows filmed in the city, you know exactly where each and every location is.
  29. Details are appreciated, from warm tea in the evening, fresh flowers, and lit candles, to the styling of a coat on another girl, the presentation of food on a plate, and the way the lights sparkle on the tower  at night.
  30. You feel at home and this incredible city has become your reality, but you never forget to stop and just admire. Paris, je t’aime!



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